App Development Contest – Airtel

AirtelAirtel App Development contest is a challenge to engineering students to design an original and innovative mobile app on any software platform broadly available to the public.

Airtel’s App Development contest is an open-ended challenge. Teams are free to think creatively and outside-the-box, the only requirement being that the app must be related to the one of the below themes:

  • Telecom and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Telecom and the Mobile wallet.
  • Managing Customer experience through Mobile applications.

Who can participate: Airtel App Development Contest is open to all students pursuing a full time engineering degree, irrespective of specializations.

Submission specifications: Each team must make a submission relevant to one of the 3 specified themes. The submission must contain either an original idea or a significant improvement upon an existing idea. Once a submission is made, the team cannot make any changes or alterations to the submission until judging is complete.

Each team will be required to provide the following as part of its submission:

A single zip file containing

  • The working application along with binary and source code.
  • A video of the application (optional).
  • A 3 slide powerpoint presentation. The first 2 slides must provide a description of the application (the app developed must function as expressed in the ppt description). The 3rd slide must describe the technical architecture.

Each submission must be in English, or if in a language other than English, the submission must be accompanied by an English translation of the full text

Each submission will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Quality of Idea (including creativity and originality)
  • Implementation of the Idea (including user experience, UI design and performance, technical architecture – scalable, performance oriented, secure)
  • Usefulness & impact of idea

The competition submission period ends on January 16, 2016.

For more details and to participate, visit this Airtel contest’s website.

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