Internshala’s Online Winter Trainings

InternshalaDon’t let this winter break go waste! No matter however short it is.

This winter break, some of you will be doing a short term internship or preparing for placements. Some of you will be staying back at college to do a project or take part in a contest or campus fest. And some of you will relax and take it easy.

Why not use this vacation to learn a new skill which would help you not only during college, but for rest of your career – be it in a job, or further studies, or as an entrepreneur.

Through its state of the art online training platform, Internshala VTC is offering 16 winter trainings i.e. Robotics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Stock Trading, Android App Development, AutoCAD, VLSI Design, Core Java, Python, Programming with C and C++, Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Ajax, jQuery and JavaScript (JS), AngularJS and Advance Excel for beginners that you can enroll for and learn from the comfort of your home/hostel room and as per a schedule that fits you.

So no matter, how long or short your winter vacations are – you can continue the training even after the college reopens since there isn’t much academic work load in the beginning of a new semester.

Internshala VTC offers a structured, step by step, hands on learning (you can write your code in the browser itself) experience that is tailored to fit your winter break schedule. Moreover there is constant expert support and mentoring available to you throughout the program. What more, unlike other classroom training programs, these winter trainings offered by Internshala VTC are really affordable since these are delivered online using state of the art technology platform.

Curious? For a demo and to register visit Internshala VTC’s website.

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