ThinnkWare Summer Training – Robotics, Embedded Systems and MATLAB

ThinnkWareThinnkWare is a venture of KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd. which deals in the domain of Robotics, Embedded Systems & MATLAB with strategically focus in educational domain to bridge the gap between industry demands and academics offerings in institutes.

And registrations for its SIPP 2014: Summer Internship (Training) Program with Project are now open. This summer training is an innovative summer internship program that exposes talented undergraduate and postgraduate students to research in the field of Robotics, Embedded System & MATLAB. Hands-on-sessions will expose them to the minuets and the starkest problems encountered while building a projects. Students will have the opportunity to get mentored by industry experienced engineers.

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Who can apply: Anyone (students or working professionals) can apply.  These courses are well suited to beginners.

Locations: Online and Noida

Courses: This summer, Thinnkware is organizing 5 different trainings. One of them (Online Training in Basic Embedded System) will be delivered online while the other four will be happening in Noida.

For more details on these particular trainings, please click on the links given below.

1) Online Training in Basic Embedded System: OTBE: Rs. 4000 fees: This course is best suited to a beginner who is interested in learning  about Embedded Systems and can not come to Noida for the training purposes. This covers all aspects of 8051 & AVR microcontrollers from the basics to the hands on interfacings with various peripheral devices using Embedded C.

2) Internship & Training in Embedded System Design: ITBE: Rs. 7500 fees: This course covers all aspects of 8051 & AVR microcontrollers from the basics to the interfacings with various peripheral devices everything will be amalgamated hands on. The programming will be covered on industry standards using Embedded C.

3) Internship & Training in Advanced Embedded System DesignITES: Rs. 9500 fees: Keeping pace with the industries, training would be provided in industry’s mostly used PIC Microcontroller from Microchip Inc. It covers basics of PIC microcontroller & its interfacing with various peripheral devices using Embedded C and much more to develop the competency as a whole.

4) Internship & Training in Basic & Advanced Robotics Design: ITRD: Rs. 9500 fees: It’s a rigorous course in robotics which covers many aspects of robotics as Mobile/Light/IR/Gesture controlled based on Arduino Platform. You will be designing many different robotics applications during the training.

5) Internship & Training in MATLAB Software & Toolboxes: ITMT: Rs. 5900 fees: MATLAB is a very important software used in all domains of engineering. Today working would almost be non-existent had this not been known to people. Basics of MATLAB and its toolboxes will be covered.

For more details on these course structures, fees, venues and batch schedule visit the ThinnkWare Summer Trainings’ Page.


  • Thinnkware is giving a 10% early bird discount if you register and pay before April 30, 2014.
  • DCD: Dual Course discount of 5% to student joining more than 1 course on the every second course (whichever costs more).
  • SRD: Special referral discount of 5% to the students who are referred by their HOD of their college. (Letter must be submitted)
  • Discounts for EduInfo Fans: A flat Rs. 250 discount on all trainings.

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