Visiting Students Program – Raman Research Institute, Bangalore

Raman Research InstituteThe Raman Research Institute Internship Program is aimed at offering research experience to highly motivated students who are presently pursuing their undergraduate or Masters’ studies and it runs throughout the year. During the period of the visit, the student will work closely with at least one staff member of the institute on a suitable project, or on a part of a project, as appropriate. The student’s work and the interaction with the staff and the graduate students at the institute are expected to provide her/him a flavour of the research pursuits at the institute, in general, and a first-hand experience in research, in particular.

About Raman Research Institute: Raman Research Institute (RRI) is an institute of scientific research located in Bangalore. It was founded by Nobel laureate CV Raman in 1948. And is now an autonomous research institute engaged in research in basic sciences. Today, the main areas of research at the institute are Astronomy & Astrophysics, Light & Matter Physics, Soft Condensed Matter and Theoretical Physics. The research activities include work in Chemistry, Liquid Crystals, Physics in Biology, and Signal Processing, Imaging & Instrumentation.

Who can apply: Students within 1 or 2 years of the end of their B.Sc, BE/B.Tech and M.Sc; particularly those students with the intention of pursuing research as a career are encouraged to apply. Students from Bangalore colleges, who are keen to work on part time basis for acquiring research experience at RRI, will also be considered.

Location: Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore

Duration: The Visiting Student Program runs throughout the year and you can apply whenever you want. The duration may range, on a case-by-case basis, anywhere between 6-weeks to 6-months (extendable up to one year).

Stipend: Out station students joining this program on a full time basis will be offered: a) Sleeper-class train fare to Bangalore from their place of stay, and also the return fare, for a single person; b) Allowance of Rs. 12,000/- (Rupees twelve thousand only) per month of the visit duration to cover local expenses; and c) Institute will provide on all working days lunch free of cost.

However the interns are expected to make their own arrangements for accommodation.

Students from Bangalore will be offered the above allowance, if they are part of this program on a full-time basis. If they are planning to work on part-time basis (at least two days in a week), a support of Rs. 1000/- per week will be given.

How to Apply: A potential VSP student is expected to go through the RRI homepage to get an idea of the research interests of the research staff (postdoctoral fellows and members of the research faculty). Then he/she should e-mail directly the research staff member of his/her choice seeking possibility of working on a project with him/her. The e-mail should contain information on the student’s academic background and the kind of work that he/she would like to pursue.

The student should arrange for recommendation letters to be e-mailed directly to the relevant staff member only if the staff member requests recommendation letters to be sent to him/her. An incoming VSP student is expected to carry an ID card when he/she comes to the RRI.

For more details on this internship program, visit Raman Research Institute Internship’s Page.

You can check the list of students who have interned at the Raman Research Institute through this program here. This list will give you an idea of the potential mentors.

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